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Hello there, I'm Philip Avellana, Creative Director at Adventscape. You can call me Iori (ee-yo-ree) and based in Sydney, Australia. Are you looking for a wedding videographer?

I'm a wedding videographer šŸ˜„

I don't just film weddings, I work with Clients on their run sheet, scheduling / timing, verify all details, provide information to maximise the wedding production and more. My niche is wedding videography in which I shoot weddings 98% of the time.

Feel free to contact me, say 'Hi' or just ask me about anything wedding videography and I'm very much happy to answer šŸ˜‰

Recent Works

Client Reactions


Engagement / Prenuptial Film
Like many movies or series, there is a prequel. This film is what we plan it to be - actual engagement, adventure, reenactment or a last reminiscence of the fun memories before you tie the knot. Use this film as 'Save the Date' or play it during the reception.

An Engagement Film is a separate filming day prior to your wedding. Thus is a very good opportunity to get to know you and empower you to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I have several themes to choose from: Cityscape, Mountainscape and Seascape.

The Weddings of Real People with authentic smiles, gestures and reactions. A burst of laughter, a sudden tear, a moment of emotion - all shall be captured and tell the tale of the one True Love! Your wedding is your first day of forever surrounded by family, friends and your favourite pets. Adventscape understands this and thus, our priority to capture.

However, your film should also showcase the non-living that makeup your wedding. Your venues, rings, scenery and those odd moments that happened on your wedding. These shall be showcased in the best cinematography possible for you to remember where it all began.

Live Streaming
Helping the NSW Government fight Covid-19. Live Streaming is the best way to keep our Love Ones safe at the comfort of their homes but at the same time witness every minute of your story unfold!

Technology is amazing nowadays that you'll be able to locally watch an event unfold. We have a worldwide audience, that no matter where they are, they can be a witness and be a part of the big day.

We are currently working on inviting guests in our live streams. This allows them to be part of the speeches / toasts!

Same Day Edit Film / S.D.E.
A Same Day Edit Film is a Magical Experience.

Ask couples how they felt as they watch their stories unfold in front of their eyes right at their wedding! Asks guests how they felt as they saw themselves on film on the same day as the wedding! Have the Same Day Edit Film upload the next day for everyone to watch a beautiful summary of your wedding.

If you're interested but feeling unsure, what the 'CLIENT REACTION' on this site to find out how couples felt as they watch a Same Day Edit Film.

Legacy Film
Highlight films are very fun to watch. It's short, exciting, consumable and showcases the best cinematography while narrating your unique love story. It's truly amazing.

But what if it's too short for your liking?

Then you might like our Legacy Film. It's a highlight film 2-3 times longer - thus, it's 2-3 times amazing and breathtaking! We will pack this film with all the moments, hugs, cries, laughter, emotion and kisses so you will never ever forget every minute of your day. Once you finish watching, you won't watch anything else anymore.

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About Iori

Hello there.

I'm Philip Avellana, you can call me Iori (ee-yo-ree).  I’m a photographer and cinematographer based in Sydney, Australia.  As a photographer, I photograph landscapes, travel, portraits, glamour, fashion and weddings.  As a cinematographer, I focus on weddings and corporate events. I apply various techniques to my photos and videos.  I believe that your deliverables (either photo or video) are more important than your workflow.  The deliverables should follow the vision of the creator.  Thus, I will learn Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects if that satisfies my clients.

Like many landscape photographers, portraits and people are my weakness.  So I decided to study this genre of photography so that I can get better people photos.  I learned the basics and now striving to be better at it.  I love doing portraits of singles, families and groups of people.  I love to show their personality, the honesty in their gestures and bring out the inner beauty.  As I gained confidence, I even ventured towards glamour and fashion.  Although the lights, techniques and gears could be used to both, they are very different from each other.  I also share what I learned from portraits, glamour and fashion in this blog.

I started to do wedding photography 4 years ago.  But it was on and off.  Out of the four years, I can only say I accumulated two years of it.  As a main photographer, it is hard work.  Among all the photography projects I’m doing, weddings would be the hardest of them all.  Honestly, I still love it and I’d like to shoot weddings going forward!

To step up my game in landscape photography, I bought a drone.  I fly my quad copter on open landscapes and grab some amazing aerial photos.  As I’m taking photos, I’m also capturing video.  The video part caught my curiousity and pulled me in.  Currently, I’m branching out to cinematography and taking it seriously.  Like my wedding photography gears, I’m now investing on videography.  I would like to take videos of products, people and events.  This includes product showcase, interviews, weddings and other forms of cinematography that I can freely do.

Currently, I have a wide range of tasks that I can do on my own.  Since I have the gears, I don’t rely on borrowing and renting stuff.  I’d like to do the following:

Cinematography – weddings, music, corporate, product, commercial
Photography – weddings, corporate, commercial, portraiture
Personal Project – landscapes and travel

If you like my work and would like to collaborate, please feel free to contact me.  I’m looking forward to discuss the work with you.
Thank you


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About Adventscape

I am a self taught photographer and cinematographer.  Many had contributed to my knowledge for free.  Thus I created this website to show others what I've learned and what I can remember from my studies (I'm notoriously forgetful).  Since I’m keeping notes to myself, why not just share it to those who want the same information.

Since I’m doing several stuff all at the same time, the content of this website would be a mixture of landscapes, portraits, glamour, gears, reviews and cinema.  Hopefully as time passes by, the topics will be more structured and organised.  But it’s hard to tell as I can do all of them anytime, anywhere.  They are also interellated with each other thus it’s kinda hard to separate.

But essentially, this website is about tutorials, reviews and client showcase.  The information should be pretty helpful especially if I managed to answer your questions on one of my blogpost.  If you have further questions to ask, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Blogger is the core of this website.  I know many are aiming for Wordpress (.org), but I plan to keep it with minimal expense as possible.  Blogger is completely free and the only expense I have is my domain name:  Tumblr is a good alternative as well - you can customise it and it’s free.  But I chose Blogger as its part of Google’s free suite of web services.

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